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Guide to Troubleshooting for the Sheetfed Offset Press
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Guide to Troubleshooting for the Sheetfed Offset Press
Editor: Thomas M. Destree

A handy pressroom guide to sheetfed printing challenges…

This quick-reference "press operator's bible," written by Printing Industries of America experts, helps the press operator to analyze more than 100 press problems encountered in all areas of sheetfed offset printing.

Topics include:

• Feeder and Delivery
• The Printing Unit
• The Inking System
• The Dampening System
• The Plate
• The Blanket
• Paper
• Ink

Table of Contents: Foreword • Introduction

1. Feeder and Delivery: Feeder Misses or Feeds Double • Uneven Forwarding • Stain on Sheets • Cocking or Jamming on Conveyor • Front Register Variation • Side Guiding Variation (Push Side Guide) • Side Guiding Variation (Pull Side Guide) • Nicked or Torn Gripper Edges • Wrinkles or Creases • Sheets Pull Out of Grippers and Stick to Blanket • Marking or Smearing • Poor Jogging

2. The Printing Unit: Gear Streaks • Nongear Streaks • Uneven Impression • Slurring • Doubling • Marking • Rusting • Overheating

3. The Inking System: Horizontal Streaks • Uneven Ink Feed • Decreasing Print Density • Mechanical Ghosting

4. The Dampening System:
Dampening Solution Variations • Wash Marks • Snowflaky Solids • Color Variations • Scum Streaks (Around the Cylinder) • Scum Streaks (Across the Cylinder) • Plate Scums After 10,000–20,000 Impressions • Halftone Sharpening • White Spots (Fiber-Shaped) • Roller Scums or Accepts Ink • Plate Dries Up on Gear Side • Plate Wet in the Center • Water Drops Falling on Sheets • Foaming in Dampening System • Water Forms Bands on Rollers and Plate • Water Streaks • Image Wear (Plate) • Nondrying Ink

5. The Plate: Improper Roll-Up • Scumming • Tinting • Low-Density Printing • Image Blinding • Image Blinding (Bimetal Plate) • Image Loss • Grainy Halftone • Slow Roll-Up • Scratches • Packing Creep

6. The Blanket:Incomplete Image Transfer • Ghosting • Picking • Uneven Impression • Smashed Blanket • Streaks • Slur • Misregister

7. Paper: Wrinkles or Creases • Poor Fit at Tail Edge • Poor Fit at Gripper Edge • Variable Fit • Poor Fit on Multicolor Press • White Spots (Fiber-Shaped) • Rough Solids • White Spots (Non-Fiber-Shaped) • Picking or Splitting • Sheets Curl on Delivery and Jog Improperly • Reverse Curl • Paper Embosses or “Waffles” in Solid Areas • Piling (Coated Paper) • Piling (Uncoated Paper) • Piling (Halftones) • Tinting • Periodic Defects • Strike-Through or Show-Through

8. Ink: Ink Dries Too Slowly • Hickeys • Scumming • Setoff • Blocking • Picking/Splitting • Chalking • Ruboff • Poor Adhesion and Nonuniform Lay of Coating • Nonuniform Ink Lay and Adhesion to Plastic • Scuffing of Covers, Labels, or Cartons • Scuffing of Covers During Shipping • Poor Dry Trapping • Ink Crystallization • Poor Wet Trapping • Slur • Mottle • Mottled Appearance on Plastic • Tinting • Piling or Caking • Ink Backs Away from the Fountain Roller • Ink Flies or Mists • Color Fades or Burns Out During Drying • Gloss Ghosting • Color Change • Dot Gain

Editorial Reviews: Book News, Inc.: Written for operators with general knowledge of sheetfed lithographic offset presses and specific knowledge of the manufacturer’s instruction for setting, adjusting and controlling the particular press, the entries in this quick reference guide are sorted by system, including the feeder and delivery system, printing unit, inking system, dampening system, plate, and blanket, along with problems caused paper or ink. Each chapter includes a general description of the system and the relevant problems with their possible causes and remedies, including illustrations and photographs. The guide lies flat and has dividers for each chapter for ease of use on site. -- Copyright © 2005 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR. All rights reserved

Specs: 152 pp., 7.5x10-in. wire-o, ISBN 0883624680, copyright 2005.